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NCL is a description language with mathematical logic as syntax. It adopts Mixed Set Programming as algorithmic framework for business modeling & problem solving.
With NCL as kernel, POEM offers user a platform for modeling, visualizing, diagnosing, testing & deploying industrial solutions. Such an architecture significantly facilitates software management including learning, development, deployment, training & maintenance.
Enginest, spin-off from INRIA, was founded in 2000 as a provider of intelligent engines. Based on the NCL natural constraint language technology, Enginest's mission is to assist users to efficiently m
        28th February 2017: A subsidiary institute of The Electronics Te
  Key Laboratory Selects POEM for APS 2017-02-10
  Logistics Planning: Depot Optimization and Vehicl 2016-10-14
  Starting Phase II: Strategic Planning for Cloud M 2016-09-08
Logistics Planning
Human Resources
Financial Optimization
Numerical Analysis
 Vehicle Routing
 Multi-Modal Transport Planning
 Production Scheduling
 Personnel Planning
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