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Vehicle routing

Vehicle routing problem (in particular, pick-up and delivery problem) is the main logistic problem at the ends of a supply chain, it involves dispatching vehicles globally and planning routes optimally subject to constraints such as capacity, load, work regulation, time windows...
 Truck constraints:
 Transport capacity: quantity/volume/weight,
multi-tour, pickup and/or delivery
 Vehicle consistency (product, max access)
 Vehicle availability
 Customer order coupling
 Customer priority...
Users can carry out flexible interaction (insertion, deletion, and move) on maps and Gantt chart at all levels of planning in an optimal way. Route constraints:
 Distance constraint: time/mileage/cost
 Work regulation: time/break/make-span
 Delivery time window
 Maximize the number of deliveries
 Minimize the number of vehicles
 Minimize work time, make-span, mileage...
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