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Users can carry out flexible interaction (insertion, deletion, and move) on maps and Gantt chart at all levels of planning in an optimal way.

Multi-Modal Transport Planning (MMTP) is a planning problem of 4th-party logistics. It covers the door-to-door movement of goods/services along a supply chain through multi-modal trade lanes subject to many constraints such as route capacity, transportation cost, transportation mode...

Unlike traditional Transport Planning, MMTP involves the combination of various transport facilities in an efficient way for the purpose of reducing intermediate storage cost and transit time. The main objectives are to optimize transit routes, maximize quantity of on-time delivery, minimize transportation cost in safe conditions and agreed schedules...
Maximizing quantity of on-time delivery
 Minimizing transportation costs
 Optimizing transportation network...
Constraints: Typical applications: 
 Transport mode: air, rail, road, ship
 Vendor (supply) capacity
 Route (transport) capacity 
 Transportation schedule 
 Time windows...
 Express mail/parcel delive
 Freight forwarding...
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