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Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) involves planning and scheduling jobs on resources, at a flow-shop or job-shop level, to run the product line to accomplish the required jobs in efficiently employing limited enterprise resources.

APS is known to be the technical bottleneck for a manufacturing execution system. Especially in production scheduling problems, the discrete job-shop scheduling for making complex products is a hard problem that has perplexed manufacturing industry for a long time.

After years of research and development, ENGINEST offers users ¡°APS¡± component that can solve flow-shop and discrete production scheduling problems efficiently.
Users can carry out flexible interaction (insertion, deletion, drag and drop) on Gantt chart at all levels of planning/scheduling. This makes POEM to become a highly practical system.
Features Constraints
1¡¢Strategic planning and operational scheduling:
 The objective is to minimize tardiness and make-span subject to complex constraints over jobs, resources and tasks.
 NCL is capable of handling thousands of jobs for long-term planning and thousands of orders for short-term scheduling.
2¡¢The NCL Language highly combines artificial intelligence, operations research and logic technologies. NCL enables users to build models naturally and solve complex multi-objective production planning and scheduling problems efficiently. Compared to C++/Java algorithms libraries, NCL allows users to model at a higher level:
 NCL¡¯s logic programming technology ensures the completeness and the compactness of APS models.
 NCL¡¯s artificial intelligence technology supports ¡°semantic¡± parser for natural modeling and model diagnosing. This ensures the cleanness and the simplicity of model description.
 NCL¡¯s Mixed Set Programming ensures concise modeling and efficiency in problem solving.
 Resource constraints
   Resource capacity
   Resource operation mode...
 Work regulation constraints
   Work calendar
   Daily time window...
 Job level constraints
   Earliest job start time
   Job deadline
   Job precedence
   Job order
   Job sequence
   Job coupling
   Job priority...
 Task level constraints
   Resource requirement
   Resource synchronization
   Task process plan
   Task duration
   Task time window
   Resource alterability...
  Minimize tardiness
  Minimize make-span
  Maximize sequencing
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