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Human resources are the most precious resources of an enterprise. Human Resources Optimization (HRO) involves employee allocation and timetabling, to ensure the efficient management of the personnel, conforming to various social regulations and labor contracts.

How can doctors/nurses be able to accomplish medical treatments successfully under fatigue and high tensions? How can bus drivers be able to drive safely if they work overtime to an extreme extent?
Using POEM, the HRO module offers enterprises an efficient personnel management system for mission-critical planning.
 Optimizing human resources allocation
 Maximizing staffs best-in-post
 Maximizing employee benefits and efficiency gains...
 Activity and cyclic constraints over a long horizon(365 days, 24h/24) 
 Cumulative constraints on competence requirements
Start and end time normalization constraints
 Periodic cumulative constraints on work days and work time
 Work regulation (time, make-span, break, and cross-checking)
 Labour contracts...
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