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Logistics Planning: Depot Optimization and Vehicle Routing …


        8th September 2016: After the successful deployment of distribution planning system to ANTARGAZ BeNeLux (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg), ENGINEST continues to deploy its Logistics Optimization solutions to FINAGAZ for planning the distribution of gas in bulk. The distribution of dangerous materials such as gas and fuel is subject to much more complex constraints than usual. For example, the system needs to deal with security constraints such as stock limitation, route and/or region access limitation, etc.

        ENGINEST’s system contains a recently developed Depot Optimization module which can simulate logistics scenarios and optimize the global cost subject to various constraints such as demand, depot capacity, supply network and pricing. The optimization module is totally programmed in the mathematical language NCL and is deployed with the POEM optimization platform.

        The NCL Natural Constraint Language contains AI techniques for recognition of mathematics. This significantly simplifies modeling, generates much shorter and cleaner code, improves clarity of programming and reduces the cost of maintenance.


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