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"Small" TMS rapidly deployed to a client 2022-04-12

Since years, Enginest has been developing a simple and smart product for clients. It's in this sense that Enginest c...

POEM 5 2021-12-23

ENGINEST relies on its innovative technology, the mathematical language NCL (Natural Constraint Language). This language...

ENGINEST Targets Medium and Small-Size Businesses 2021-06-21

       As ENGINEST continues to develop general-purpose software products, medium and small-size bus...

YINAN Corporation Selected POEM 2021-05-30

      2021-05-30:YINAN Technology Corporation and ENGINEST signed a product purchase agreement. The ...

POEM 4: A Platform for Optimization 2020-01-16

       16/01/2020: After roughly six months of intensive development, ENGINEST upgraded its POEM opt...

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