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Key Laboratory Selects POEM for APS


        5th January 2017: The national key laboratory of Beijing Electronics Engineering Institute selects POEM for APS (advanced planning and scheduling). The institute aims to create a digital factory to support automated manufacturing with robots.

 POEM, a product having been continuously developed at ENGINEST in the last years, is made to build solutions to highly complex industrial problems. To this date, the APS running in POEM is capable of solving large-scale industrial problems subject to hundreds of constraints, real-time simulation, and interactive/emergency re-scheduling. Moreover, this open APS is easy to be integrated with peripheral systems such as MES.

ENGINEST’s objective is to do scale business for the optimization technologies, in particular in the field of APS. This will probably become feasible in the Chinese market in the next decade. From today on, the commercial engine of ENGINEST is accelerated.



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