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       28th February 2017: A subsidiary institute of The Electronics Technology Group selects POEM for APS (advanced planning and scheduling).

        After some years of commercialization, ENGINEST aims at the scale sale of POEM and its applications. This effort is steadily leading to effects. On one hand, standardized design reduces development and maintenance costs: Basic products and application products are developed in parallel, requiring less investment; the APS system is totally programmed in the mathematical language NCL, precise and concise; POEM’s client/server/cloud architecture is adopted for deployment, modular and open. On the other hand, general-purpose development aims to meet user requirements as wide as possible: The APS in POEM is designed at a high-level of abstraction to be available for fields as various as production scheduling, command/control, and project management.

        ENGINEST focuses on the NCL optimization technology, which is one of the most sophisticated mathematical systems in the world. Indeed, it’s the irresistible charm of mathematics that has attracted us to invest in so complex a field for so long. In return to our faithful scientific work, POEM is starting to create “elegant” profits.


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