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ENGINEST deployed APS to Large-Scale Manufacturing


       30th September 2018: CHANGGUO Large-Scale Manufacturing Corporation signed an agreement on APS with ENGINEST on the end of January. Eight months later, the system is successfully deployed to the user.

       ENGINEST's APS is mainly programmed in the NCL mathematical language, optimizing production schedules combinatorically, iteratively and interactively. Adopting network server architecture (PoemServer/PoemView/PoemClient), the system can be applied in fields as various as manufacturing, command/control and project management. Through this project, the new APS is upgraded to support both headquarter/division hierarchical scheduling and multi-division correlated scheduling; it supports sub-task and sub-resource concepts in addition to task and resource. The new system supports Excel and DB View data input as well as data encrypted transmission by Web Service or FTP, greatly facilitating integration with MIS/ERP/MES/PDM/CAPP-like information systems. User terminals can be completely reconfigured and system updating is automated.

       The NCL language once again exhibited its system programming capability. New requirements such as hierarchical (vertically) and correlated (horizontally) scheduling were rapidly fulfilled by this fast language, which greatly reduces development time and contains costs.

       Hope to break through the economic crisis? ENGINEST's powerful technology can help users reduce costs and augment productivity.



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