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       13/11/2018: AOJIE Information System Group signed an agreement with ENGINEST to implement an APS for project management. Contrary to the regression of today’s global economy, the astonishing expansion of the market reveals that the optimization technology is strongly fascinating customers. 

       Over the past 10 years, ENGINEST has successfully carried out its plan to make a "complete" product for advanced planning and scheduling. From the more and more generic data model to the more and more powerful optimization engine and interaction functions, ENGINEST's APS demonstrates unmatched technological elegance.  

       ENGINEST’s mathematical language NCL is a leading description language for mathematical optimization and logic programming. From its very beginning, NCL combines AI’s mathematics recognition and OR algorithms to support programming in natural mathematical logic and efficient solving of industrial problems. Do not mistake it for an object like language, please.   

       Faced with the risks of immature market, low information level or lack of funds, ENGINEST has been steadily improving its APS product line to make it possible for fast deployment and inexpensive implementation, which is critical for conquering the market.


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