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ENGINEST relies on its innovative technology, the mathematical language NCL (Natural Constraint Language). This language aims to model and solve problems in the manner rigorous (logical and transparent), concise (with the shortest code) and clear (mathematically natural). Based on NCL, ENGINEST develops and commercializes its product POEM.

Today POEM arrives at its version 5, a new platform composed of:

a development tool (Poem Toolkit),

a HTTP optimization server (PoemServer),

a visualization component (PoemView),

a data management component (PoemData),

a printing component (PoemPrint),

a user interface (PoemClient).

On one hand, this new version is the result of a significant improvement of the NCL language in the algorithmic aspect. On the other hand, POEM 5 is improved by its peripheral modules:

PoemData facilitates data management, abnormality detection and reprogramming of data scripts.

PoemPrint generates documents such as production form, delivery note, route sheet, and invoice.

PoemClient synchronizes different components of POEM to accomplish users' tasks.

Briefly, POEM 5 aims to minimize the cost of realizing a project: development of an agile application and rapid deployment of the application to its client.

Till today, two application products in « generic » sense are developed with POEM: optimization modules of TMS (Transport Management System) and APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling).

POEM TMS regroup three modules : TMS Routing, TMS Multimodal and TMS Depot, respectively for three major problems in logistics, that is, vehicle routing (short term), multimodal transport planning (medium term) and depot optimization (long term).

Resource optimization within an enterprise in order to accomplish tasks represents a « general » problem of planning and scheduling. POEM APS is designed, taking into account of resources of different types at different sites (for example job-shops, ports, construction sites, townships), for planning, scheduling, coordinating and simulating the execution of tasks.


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