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"Small" TMS rapidly deployed to a client


Since years, Enginest has been developing a simple and smart product for clients. It's in this sense that Enginest created the POEM platform of planning and optimization to develop and deploy agile applications which are not expensive.

As another test project, within one month, Enginest has deployed a "small" transport management system (TMS) to BM-PROLOC and has implemented the project. The system allows:

1. data entry : order intake, data related to drivers, vehicles, tours and deliveries, ...

2. work organization : vehicle/driver assignment to orders, route planning, ...

3. reporting : activity reports, financial reports (turnover), ...

4. automatization : driver timetabling, invoice generation at the end of a month, ...

5. optimization : personalized global route optimization for the client.

Commercially, an agile application allows to develop the market rapidly.

Enginest is in full preparation to offer customers "small" application products, totally configured on the platform POEM.


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